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Anglo-Irish Bank LT2 Floater 2014

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Dt. Trustee zu A0NXBN:


"All holders of the Notes should be left with only a very small amount of principal to reflect the fact that not all the principal was repaid due to the Trustee’s deduction of €115,000.  The amount of principal you held pre-distribution should have been marked-down by the amount of principal repaid or, alternatively, the partial repayment may have been reflected by the application of a pool factor by the clearing systems.  Your custodian will be able to advise you as to how the partial repayment of principal has been processed.

You are correct that there remain Trustee claims outstanding with the Special Liquidators in respect of interest due on the Notes from 7 February 2013."


stimmt natürlich nicht, volle Nominale wieder drin...... und die rückzahlung kann jederzeit storniert

werden, womit man jetzt mit ner höheren WKeit wieder rechnen muss


da der mist schnell wieder eingebucht wurde kann man leider auch nicht das depot schliessen um diesem ganzen rumgebuche nach dem Zufallsprinzip zu entgehen

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