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Akkus, Brennstoffzellen und Redox Flow Zellen - elektrochemische Energiespeicher

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Posted · Edited by reko

Brennstoffzelle mit Eisen-‘single atom’-katalysator. Professor Anthony Kucernak, Imperial College London

Die genutzte Methode "Transmetallation" ist auch bei anderen Katalysatoren anwendbar.

2022/04/25 Cheaper Hydrogen Fuel Cell Invented – Enabling Better Green Energy Options


“High loading of single atomic iron sites in Fe–NC oxygen reduction catalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells” 25 April 2022, Nature Catalysis.

"current densities of 41.3 mA cm−2 at 0.90 ViR-free using H2–O2 and 145 mA cm−2 at 0.80 V (199 mA cm−2 at 0.80 ViR-free) using H2–air."

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Posted · Edited by reko

2022/04/09 Weltweit erste Gigafactory für Feststoffbatterie soll in der Schweiz entstehen

"Ab 2024 möchte das Unternehmen aus Frauenfeld bei Zürich die Feststoffbatterie in Serie produzieren. Die Produktionsstätte soll im thurgauischen Wigoltingen angesiedelt werden."

swisscleanbattery.ch (kaum Inhalt)


Vinfast und ProLogium behaupten ähnliches

2021/11 ProLogium raises $326m to bring solid state batteries to Europe

"mass production facilities for ProLogium SSBs in Asia, Europe and the US between 2023 and 2025 .. ProLogium Technology aims to become the first to mass produce ceramic SSBs internationally using smart factory technology, although Blue Solutions in France is in production and many other companies are ramping up production."


2022/01 ProLogium and Mercedes-Benz entered into a technology cooperation agreement to develop solid-state battery cells for electric vehicles

2023 sollen die Produktion in der "Gigafactory Taiwan" beginnen.

Anders als Quantumscape hat man zur Li-Metall-Anode auch einen Zwischenschritt mit Siliziumoxyd/Graphit-Anode. Wie bei Quantumscape wird eine Oxydkeramik verwendet.



"While silicon anodes for lithium ion batteries have been studied, they were largely dismissed as infeasible due to general incompatibility with liquid electrolytes. Developments in 2021 showed that solid state silicon lithium ion batteries are possible, and offer many of the hypothesized benefits

.. The use of a non-metallic lithium source eliminates the high temperature that metallic lithium batteries require to charge"

2021/09 A New Solid-state Battery Surprises the Researchers Who Created It


2022/02 Nexeon ramps up for silicon anode production with $80m

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Posted · Edited by reko

BYD glaubt, dass einige E-Autohersteller zu Gunsten der Reichweite die Sicherheit vernachlässigt haben. Selbst gegenüber anderen LFP Akkus hat der BYD Blade Akku eine bessere Sicherheit. Dieser Akku soll angeblich auch bei Toyota bZ sedan, Toyota-Suzuki electric mid-size SUV und Tesla Model 2 verwendet werden.

2022/05/07 BYD Blade Battery: Everything you should know


BYD believes that some electric vehicle manufacturers may have compromised battery safety while aiming for a higher range. In pursuit of energy density, battery safety has been overlooked.


2022/03/26 byd-to-supply-blade-batteries-to-nio-and-xiaomi

2021/08/10 this-is-why-byd-blade-battery-is-ahead-of-competition


Everbright Securities analyzed the cost of several battery packs made with LFP cells from different companies and you’ll see why BYD is ahead of competition.


Cost of LFP (LiFePO4) battery packs

  • Average with modules: 650 yuan (85 euros) per kWh
  • CATL with CTP: 570 yuan (75 euros) per kWh
  • BYD with CTP: 420 yuan (55 euros) per kWh


BYD Blade battery cell specs

  • Capacity: 202 Ah
  • Nominal voltage: 3,2 V
  • Max charging voltage: 3,65 V
  • Energy: 646,4 Wh
  • Length: 905 mm
  • Height: 118 mm
  • Width: 13,5 mm
  • Volume: 1,4 L
  • Volumetric energy density: 448 Wh/L
  • Weight: 3,9 kg (estimation)
  • Gravimetric energy density: 166 Wh/kg
  • Cycle life: above 3.000 cycles
  • Chemistry: LiFePO4 (LFP)


Anyway, I’ve been praising BYD for a while now, but nothing prevents other battery cell makers to start producing long cobalt-free prismatic battery cells. SVOLT knows it and already has a long 226 Ah cobalt-free NMX battery cell that automakers can order today.


Video: The BYD Blade Battery Evaluated: The Hype is Real (Mostly)

Demnach ist die bessere Wärmeabfuhr der Grund für die bessere Sicherheit.

Die Pack-Level-Energiedichte des Blade LFP Akkus (280 Wh/l) soll 18% besser als die des Tesla Model 3 Lithium-Nickel-Akkus (238 Wh/l) sein. Die Blade Akku Packs sind aber 16% schwerer (140 Wh/kg vs 163 Wh/kg).

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