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Novozymes is the world leader in bioinnovation. Our business is industrial enzymes and microorganisms.

Enzymes are proteins, and in nature they initiate biochemical reactions in all living organisms. It is enzymes that convert the food in our stomachs to energy and turn the falling leaves in the forest to compost.

Novozymes nds enzymes in nature and optimize them for use in industry. In industry, enzymes replace chemicals and accelerate production processes. They help our customers make more from less, while saving energy and generating less waste.

Enzymes are widely used in laundry and dishwashing detergents where they remove stains and enable low-temperature washing and concentrated detergents.

Other enzymes improve the quality of bread, beer and wine, or increase the nutritional value of animal feed. Enzymes are also used in the production of biofuels where they turn starch or cellulose from biomass into sugars which can be fermented to ethanol.

These are just a few examples as we sell enzymes to more than 40 different industries.

Like enzymes, microorganisms have natural properties that can be put to use in a variety of processes. Novozymes supplies a range of microorganisms for use in agriculture, animal health and nutrition, industrial cleaning and wastewater treatment. 

WKN: A1JP9Y  ISIN: DK0060336014


Novozymes Factsheet 2017


Stock information - Key figures


Business Impact


Interim report for the first three months of 2017



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Novozymes CEO Peder Holk Nielsen speaks about second-quarter earnings, saying that "growth rates are likely to pick up."


Q2 2017 Good first half and momentum in the business




Organic revenue growth in 1H of 3% (Q2: 2%) and 3% in DKK (Q2: 3%) 

3 out of 5 segments grew, with Food & Beverages and Bioenergy performing very well

Agriculture & Feed down due to changed BioAg-sales cycle moving sales from 1H to 2H

1H EBIT growth of 3% with a reported EBIT margin of 27.1% (1H 2016: 27.2

1H EBIT margin at 28.5%, excluding reorganization costs (1H 2016: ~28%)

Q2 EBIT margin at 28.2%, excluding reorganization costs (Q2 2016: 28.0%) 

Solid free cash flow generation with higher investments as expected

Exciting pipeline development including 4 product launches in Q2 across segments

Increasing emerging markets presence, including new application centers

2-5% organic growth outlook and ~28% EBIT margin for 2017 maintained. Pick-up in 2H growth still expected, although cautiousness applied for agriculture-related markets

DKK expectations adjusted following weaker currencies, especially the US dollar


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Posted · Edited by Bahnhofsuhr

Wer ist denn noch so bei Novozymes dabei?


Bin August 2019 eingestiegen, da ich erwarten würde, dass Enzyme mehr und mehr bei der Lebensmittelproduktion und bei Reinigungsmittel zum Einsatz kommen sollte (die netten Werbefilmchen und Dokus klangen zumindest überzeugend). Allerdings für meine Strategie mit einer kleineren Position wegen des langsamen Wachstums und der langen Seitwärtsbewegung.


Etwas spät, aber habe doch nochmal genauer die 1Q 2020 Zahlen angeschaut. Schön mal ein zweistelliges Wachstum zusehen. Was denkt Ihr: Eintagsfliege oder Nachhaltig? Jahresaussicht war im Januar schließlich bei 1...5%



April 29, 2020 Interim report for Q1 2020 

Strong first quarter results across key financial parameters; agile organization enables Novozymes to meet customer demand despite COVID-19 disruptions. 2020 outlook remains suspended.

Organic sales growth of 10% in Q1 2020. Household Care +11%, Food & Beverages +11%, Bioenergy +11%, Agriculture & Feed +8%, Tech. & Pharma -10%. EBIT margin 28.9%. Free cash flow before acquisitions DKK 0.8 billion


Letzte Woche auch wieder eine Acquisition für 80M€: Novozymes acquires PrecisionBiotics Group to advance its business within human health

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